Saturday 3rd September 2022
Royal National Park, NSW

Course Update

4th August 2022

We hope you are looking forward to the Coastal Classic!

As everyone has experienced, 2022 has seen more than it’s fair share of extreme weather, causing numerous issues to our trail networks across the east coast of NSW. The Coastal Classic has not missed out.

Due to a landslip across the trail between Little Garie and Garie Beach the Coast Track (the route for the Coastal Classic) has been closed at this point. NPWS have the equipment and manpower ready to fix this damage, but unfortunately they cannot access this location until a landslip on the road to Garie Beach is repaired by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). After many phone calls and emails to both NPWS and RMS it has been determined that Garie Road is not a high priority for the RMS and this section of road won’t be repaired by the event date. As a result NPWS cannot repair the Coast Track, and it will remain closed at this location until after the 2022 Coastal Classic.

After exploring numerous options with NPWS and the RMS the only workable route is for the event to run out of Bundeena. The event will start at Bundeena Reserve (the normal finish location) and runners will head south along the Coast Track, along Sandy Track, down past Marley and then on to Wattamolla. Runners will then turn around and return by the same route to the finish line in Bundeena. This gives runners the best chance of experiencing the views and scenery for which the Coastal Classic is known. The total length of the event will drop from 30km to 28km.

While this is quite a change from the normal course it is the best option available to ensure the event can happen in 2022. With the year of weather we have had we are grateful that the event can proceed at all. There will need to be changes to how runners access the event. Plans are being put in place to expand the free shuttle bus service to take runners both to the start and from the finish line. More details on the shuttle bus will be available in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, keep training and we look forward to seeing you on the start line of the Coastal Classic on the first Saturday in September!