Saturday 4th September 2021
Royal National Park, NSW

Entries Open Tuesday 18th April

13th April 2017

Don’t eat so much chocolate over Easter that you lapse into a food coma and miss your alarm on Tuesday morning! Why not? If you do, you risk missing out on an entry to the Coastal Classic 2017!

Entries open Tuesday the 18th of April at 9am. The event sold out quickly last year, we expect it will sell out even quicker this year.

Why is the event so popular? 29km of trail running along some of the most spectacular coastline in Australia if not the world is the answer. Based along the coast track through the Royal National Park this race brings you stunning vista after breathtaking view. Just South of Sydney the views offered by the world’s second oldest National Park means you literally could be in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not just the views that attract such a crowd, the running itself is top shelf as well. Rocky terrain, beach running, cliff top tracks, rainforest, steep inclines, the trail has it all, plus more. The race has gained a reputation as a great challenge and one that keeps trail runners coming back to hone their strategy as they chase that elusive PB.

The event is on Saturday 2nd September 2017 so make a note on your calendar, prepare your training plan and be ready Tuesday morning to grab an entry.

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