Saturday 3rd September 2022
Royal National Park, NSW


The Coastal Classic is a 30km* trail run along one of the most stunning tracks in Australia, it has everything to offer from rocky terrain, sand running and beaches, to cliff-tops, bushland, rainforest and steep hill inclines. The scenery is spectacular with breathtaking coastal views on the beach and from the cliff tops. You literally feel like you are a million miles from anywhere.

Set amid one of Australia’s oldest and wildest coastal terrains, in fact it is the world’s second oldest national park (after Yellowstone in the U.S), the Coastal Classic is a trail run along the Coast Track from Otford to Bundeena. With 30km of trails, beaches, sand and rainforest – this race has a little bit of everything with great views to top it off!


Saturday 3rd September 2022


From Otford to Bundeena along the Royal National Park Coast Track*

*Due to damage to the trails in 2022 the event will Start and Finish in Bundeena. The total length of the course in 2022 will be 28km not the normal 30km.