Saturday 4th December 2021
Royal National Park, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I do with my extra gear at the start line (back pack, jumper etc)?

We will transport any gear that you leave with us at the start line, to the finish line for you. You will need to provide your own bag however bag tags will be available at the start line, make sure your gear is clearly marked with your name and race number, so you can find it at the finish line.

Q: What do I take with me out on the course?

Three water stations will be positioned around the course where runners can fill up with water and sports drink. There will also be a selection of sliced fruit such as bananas available at the water stations so take that into consideration when planning your nutrition strategy. There will be no cups at the aid stations so you MUST take a bottle or other drinking container with you. Please be sun smart - much of the route is exposed and even on cloudy days you can get sunburnt so please take a hat and sunscreen. Please note that the track will not be closed for the event, so runners need to be careful when overtaking each other and be courteous to other track users. Future permission for the event depends on good feedback about runners’ conduct. Bad feedback will put the event in jeopardy.


Q: Do you offer a training plan?

Please check HERE for updates on a current offer.

Q: Will my pre-purchased merchandise be mailed to me prior to the event?

All merchandise is to be collected on race day at registration. No merchandise will be mailed to competitors prior to the event.

Q: Will my race bib be mailed to me prior to the event?

Yes, we are doing pre-event postage of personalised race bib numbers. You are likely to receive your race bib anytime in the 5 weeks prior to the event. This only applies to event registrations made prior to Sunday 17th October. Participants with interstate (outside NSW) or international addresses listed on their event entry will not be mailed their race bib prior to the event, therefore these runners will need to collect their race bib at registration on race day. Your race bib will also not be mailed to you if you have an unsigned event waiver, so you will need to visit registration to sign the event waiver before you will be permitted to start. If you are claiming a withdrawing runners entry after Sunday 17th October, you will be allocated a NEW race bib number, without your personalised name printed on it and you will need to collect it on race day at registration. Your race bib will NOT be mailed to you prior to the event. The withdrawing runners race bib will therefore become void and can not be used. Safety pins will be available at registration on race day. Please wear your race bib on the front of your shirt, on your chest, where it is clearly visibly; or by using a race number belt if you prefer.

Q: Where does the event start?

The event starts at Otford Public School, Otford NSW.

Q: Is public transport available to the event?

Runners are encouraged to arrive by rail at Otford. There is good parking & connections from Sydney, Sutherland, or Cronulla. See the transport information page HERE for full details of suggested transport arrangements.

Q: Are spectators allowed to come and watch me race?

Yes spectators can see you on course at the Garie and/or Wattamolla Aid Stations and of course at the finish only (not the start) at Bundeena. Please note though that any outside assistance provided to runners during the event will result in the disqualification of the runner in question.

Q: Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the event?

Please see the Refunds & Cancellations section HERE

Q: Can I drive to the event on race morning?

There is very limited parking in Otford, but runner drop offs are possible. See the transport information page HERE for full details of suggested transport arrangements.

Q: What time does the event start?

For a full schedule of the proceedings click HERE.

Q: Where can I stay in the area?

There is limited accommodation close to the start of the race, although there are a number of bed & breakfast and guest houses in Bundeena. Check out the following at - Bundeena.

Q: Is a support crew needed for the event?

No, you do not need a support crew for this event. The nature of the event will require you to be self-sufficient on the course or to rely on the aid stations provided by the event organisers.

Q: Are there any aid stations?

There are four aid stations, each with a supply of water, sports drinks, fruit and other refreshments:
  1. Garie Beach 9.5km
  2. Wattamolla Beach 16.5km
  3. North of Big Marley 22.0km
  4. South Bundeena, Sandy track turnoff 25.0km
Runners are asked not to go to the toilet on the track. There are event toilets provided at Garie and Wattamolla and a small hard to find toilet at Little Marley. Runners should not litter the track. Although we will have sweepers clear event markers after the runners, we appeal to runners to do the right thing! First aid will be available at each of the aid stations.

Q: How will I know where to go on the course?

On the day of the event, the course will be marked with brightly coloured flagging tape for easy guidance. Red and White Arrows and Red on White 'Wrong Way' signs will also be in place at all junctions along the course. Marshals will also be positioned at critical points along the course for extra guidance where needed. The trail outline and markings will be discussed at the briefing prior to the commencement of the event and also included in the official Event Program sent to participants via email prior to the event.

Q: How fit or skilled do I need to be?

The distance will require you to do some training leading up to the event. We recommend a combination of road miles and off road running to develop endurance and technical skills over a variety of terrain. There are a few stiff hills and a fair amount of sand. Nothing that can't be walked if you are uncomfortable running all the way. Please be aware of you limitations on narrow single tracks and be prepared to start further down the field then your projected finishing time to prevent holding up other runners on these sections. The track narrows significantly after approximately 1km from the start and you don't want to be the runner causing a hold up.

Q: Am I able to run the course before the event?

Yes, the course is accessible before the event. Make sure you buy a suitable map and exercise common sense - take along adequate food and drink and take some friends.


Q: Is there a Runner List published before the event?

A Runner List which includes runners allocated race bib number, age category and wave start time (if relevant) will be emailed to runners 2 days before the event in the Last Minute Info email as well as published on the event website in the Last Minute Info Latest News post. The list will not be published before this time.

Q: Is the Coastal Classic an accredited event with the International Trail Running Association (iTRA)?

No, the Coastal Classic is not an accredited event with the International Trail Running Association (iTRA). The last time it was an accredited event was in 2019 and this was also the case in 2018 and 2017. Finishers from this event (30km course) will not earn iTRA points (Mountain points) and will not contribute to a finishers ‘Performance Index’.

Q: What if I’m a slow runner, will I be able to walk the course?

We require all competitors to have reached various aid stations by a certain time therefore this event is not suitable for people to walk the entire way. Click HERE for cut-off times and locations.

Q: Will I be given a start wave time?

There are no ‘start wave times’ other than the designated course start time. Participants will need to self-seed themselves within the group of competitors and will head off at 5 second intervals in pairs. Please line up according to your goal finish time and running ability. Please give way to faster runners behind if asked. Your race time doesn’t begin until you cross the timing mat at the start line therefore there’s no need to worry about being disadvantage if you have self-seeded yourself towards the back of your group.

Q: Are there any time cut-offs?

If you are unable to make the aid stations by the cut off time, you will be withdrawn from the event, at that aid station. After the aid station has packed up you will be transported to the finish line in Bundeena.
  • 11:15am – Cut-off for Garie Aid Station, 9.5km
  • 12:40pm – Cut-off for Wattamolla Aid Station, 16.5km
  • 1:45pm – Cut-off for Marley Aid Station, 22km

Q: Are there prizes for competitors?

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age category. Winners must be at the prize giving presentation after the event to receive their prize, nothing will be posted. Also, you have to be at the presentation to be in the running for the lucky draw prizes.

Q: Will I receive a finishers t-shirt for finishing the event?

No, we do not give out complimentary finishers t-shirts. If you would like to purchase a limited edition event t-shirt, this needs to be pre-purchased with your online entry, or added online after entering. Orders must be placed by the cut-off date. Merchandise is to be collected on race day (no merchandise is mailed out prior to the event). View merchandise options here.

Q: Will I receive a medal for finishing the event?

All finishers will receive a finishers medal after completion of the course.

Q: What are the expected finish times?

We are expecting the first runners home in approx 2hrs 45mins and the back of the field in approx 6hrs.