Saturday 4th December 2021
Royal National Park, NSW

Rules & Conditions

Cut-Off Times

If you are unable to make one of the above Aid Stations by the cut off time, you will be withdrawn from the event, at that Aid Station. After the Aid Station has packed up you will be transported to the finish line in Bundeena.

  • 11:15am – Cut-off for Garie Aid Station, 9.5km
  • 12:40pm – Cut-off for Wattamolla Aid Station, 16.5km
  • 1:45pm – Cut-off for Marley Aid Station, 22km

Race Rules

For reasons of fairness, safety and responsibility you are expected to abide by the following rules. Remember, ignorance is no excuse and failure to comply may lead to penalties or disqualification.

  • Show respect for the environment, landowners, local communities and other recreational users
  • Make sure you are wearing your timing transponder.
  • Always take your litter with you and please dispose of any litter in the bins provided
  • Stick to the marked tracks, follow the course as signposted and as directed by the marshals.
  • Notify the Event Medic of any significant medical history (e.g. asthma, diabetes…)
  • No outside assistance is allowed during the event.
  • Cooperate with event officials at all times.
  • Winners will be determined by the fastest time.
  • The Event Director’s decision is final!
  • Runners are expected to assist competitors who have injured themselves. If you come across an injured runner, provide assistance and ask a fellow runner to inform race officials at the next intersection. Times will be adjusted to compensate for any losses.
  • A team of sweepers will be clearing the course behind the last runners. These runners will assist you in case of emergency or injury. In an emergency tell another runner to go for help