Saturday 1st September 2018
Royal National Park, NSW

Training Plan

Created by Sports Physio and Winner of the Ultra Trail Australia 50km in  2016 and Coastal Classic winner 2015, Mark Green from The Body Mechanic. This Weekly Program Will Help You Turn Up At The Start Line, Ready to Achieve Your Personal Best. Get ready to have your best race ever!

Photo: Outer Image Collective

Training for a race like the Coastal Classic is completely different to the type of plan you would follow for a road race. With rocky terrain, sand running, beaches, cliff-tops, bushland, rainforest and steep hill inclines, you need to incorporate a whole range of different running techniques and specific training exercises to ensure you have a great race.

The 12 week online training program has been specifically designed to prepare you for this challenging race. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced program, so no matter what we’ve got you covered. Weekly Training Plan Starts 11th June 2018.

Join an online community of trail runners, get running technique advice, specific strength and mobility exercises, nutrition tips and training plans sent to you EVERY WEEK;

  • Comprehensive Weekly Training Advice Sent Directly To You Every Week. Includes the 30km training plan
  • Techniques And Drills To Improve Your Running For All Technical Terrains
  • A Strength Program To Build Stability And Core Strength Required To Complete the Coastal Classic
  • Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Natural Range of Motion and Avoid Injury

The entire plan is only $59 for the full 12 weeks. At just $5 per week, there is no better value training you could choose for the Coastal Classic.


The 4 week guide includes;

  • Everything you need to know about trail running technique, including techniques for uphill, downhill, stairs and flat terrain
  • Step by step guide on how to create your own personalised trail training plan
  • 4 unique strength and stability workouts you can use now to create a stronger, faster body

Have you ever been running along and someone skips down the trail like a forest elf or nimbly climbs the hills like a mountain goat?  There is definitely an art to running well on trails. Learn how!


How To Purchase the 12 Week Training Plan

Simply purchase the training plan through the Coastal Classic event registration website when you enter the race here. Once you complete your entry purchase, Mark Green from The Body Mechanic will be in touch within a few days to provide access to The Locker Room and your training plan (when available) as well as access to your BONUS free ‘4 Week Guide For Trail Runners’.

You can also add the Training Plan to your order post entry by heading to and logging in to your account with your username and password. Select ‘MyEvents’ from the name drop down box (top left) once logged in. Select your ‘Coastal Classic’ event registration and from there you will be able to manage your registration and add other purchases (training program) to your order.

Alternatively, you can purchase the training plan directly at The Locker Room and you will receive instant access to The Locker Room and your training plan (when available) as well as to your BONUS free ‘4 Week Guide For Trail Runners’. You may then purchase your Coastal Classic event entry separately here.