The Coast Track in the Royal National Park is a popular bushwalking and running trail.

Runners are welcome to train on the course prior to the event. Please check the National Parks Website for alerts and closures.

Please be aware that there is limited phone service across many sections of the course, and runners will need to be self-sufficient for water and transport.


Join now for access to your daily workouts. Including videos on trail technique, strength, injury prevention and nutrition, plus online coaching support!

Created by physio and ultra runner, Mark Green from The Body Mechanic. The weekly program will help you turn up at the start line, ready to achieve your personal best.

Preparing for a race like the Coastal Classic is completely different to the type of plan you would follow for a road race. With rocky terrain, sand running, beaches, cliff-tops, bush land, rain forest and steep hill inclines, you need to incorporate a whole range of different running techniques and specific exercises to ensure you have a great race.

The 20 Week Plan includes both Base Training (8 weeks) and Race Specific Training (12 weeks) – Available to purchase up until Wednesday 4th September 2024.

The 20 week base training and race specific training plan has been specifically designed to prepare you for this challenging race. There is a beginner, intermediate and advanced program, to cater for all runners.

Plans available are:

  • 20 Week Base Training and Race Specific Training Plan is only $79 starts Monday 22nd April 2024
  • 12 Week Race Specific Training Plan is only $59 starts Monday 17th June 2024 (purchased with the 20 week plan or separately from Monday 8th April 2024)

At less than $5 per week, there is no better value you could choose for the Coastal Classic.

What To Expect in the Base Training Phase (8 weeks)

Base training is the first phase of a cycle. It helps you to develop the endurance and strength you need to prepare your body for the more challenging, race-specific workouts that come closer to race day.

During this phase you will follow:

  1. An 8-week program designed to progressively improve your endurance and aerobic capacity.
  2. Get a daily plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or letting you over-train.
  3. Three unique strength workouts every week, to improve your core strength and stability. This will help to prevent injuries and prepare your body for the challenging workouts included in your race specific training phase.
  4. A weekly plan you can print out and stick on the fridge to ensure you stay on track and keep you motivated.
  5. Expert Information on trail running technique, how to incorporate “B”races into your training, plus more!
  6. Get access to an online community to keep you motivated.

What To Expect in the Race Specific Phase (12 weeks)

  1. A 12 week program designed to get you race ready. When you arrive at the start line you will feel confident knowing you have trained smart all the way till race day.
  2. A daily plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or allowing you to over-train.
  3. We teach you Trail Running Techniques so you can power up the hills and flow down them with ease.
  4. Nutrition advice on how to fuel your body during training and on race day.
  5. Two strength workouts a week, designed to support your load, build endurance, and prevent injuries.
  6. A weekly plan you can print out and stick on the fridge to ensure you stay on track.
  7. Options for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners.
  8. Access to our online running community, with hundreds of other runners, to keep you motivated.

How To Purchase the Training Plans

The training plans can be ordered when you enter the event or added to your entry at a later date. Once you complete your purchase, Mark Green from The Body Mechanic will be in touch within 1 week of purchasing your Training Plan to provide access to The Locker Room and your training plan.

To access your entry registration and add the training plan simply:

  • Head to Active and log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Select your ‘Coastal Classic’ event registration and from there you will be able to manage your registration and add purchases to your entry.

Alternatively, you can purchase the training plan directly at The Locker Room and you will receive instant access to The Locker Room resource and your training plan. You may then purchase your Coastal Classic event entry separately.