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Royal National Park, NSW
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Training Plan

10 Week Training Plan 2017

Training for a race like the Coastal Classic is completely different to the type of plan you would follow for a road race. With rocky terrain, sand running, beaches, cliff-tops, bushland, rainforest and steep hill inclines, you need to incorporate a whole range of different running techniques and specific training exercises to ensure you have a great race.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to trail running, this 10-week plan will incorporate everything you need to get stronger, improve your mobility and increase your mileage at a safe rate so you can have a great race without injuring yourself.

The 10-week Coastal Classic plan includes

  • Comprehensive week by week training guide specific to the Coastal Classic
  • A Strength Program to Build Stability and Strength For Longer Distances
  • A Mobility Program to improve Your Natural Range of Motion
  • Techniques and Drills to Improve Running Even Under Fatigue
  • Access to a Private Online Community, including Personal Online Training Advise

You will receive new training content every week to keep you on track. The easy to follow videos will ensure you learn the right techniques, avoid injury and run faster.

“The Coastal Classic is a particular favourite of mine.  Having completed trail races all over the world, this race is incredibly beautiful and surprisingly challenging. Having run the course many times I know the specific areas you need to focus on to have a great race”Mark Green is a sports physiotherapist and elite athlete. Winner of the Ultra Trail Australia 50km in  2016 and Coastal Classic winner 2015, just to name a couple, this man knows his trails. He has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running, with his holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique. His physiotherapy practise The Body Mechanic and online running site “TBM Locker Room” helps runners everyday achieve their goals and overcome injuries.

The exclusive 10-week Coastal Classic Training Plan is available for only $40 and is filled with easy to follow videos and articles to help you be your best come race day.

Get Started with this ten week plan and you will be moving better almost immediately

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