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What Now For Training?

12th August 2020

Written by Mark Green from The Body Mechanic

A postponed Coastal Classic is the perfect opportunity to achieve a PB in December.

These are strange times, and they are fast becoming annoying times. We are very lucky in Australia compared to most countries in the world, but it is still very frustrating when our favourite events are delayed or cancelled.

The ongoing nature of the pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty everywhere in the world which can be very stressful.

Running is often the best form of “therapy” to help deal with stress, so despite the delay in the Coastal Classic race date this year, you really need to keep running.

If you have been training to a plan you should already be in great condition with plenty of strength and endurance. Imagine if you had your current level of strength and endurance 3 months ago. You would have been in the perfect position to put in another really solid training block and have the race of your life in December.

Now you don’t have to imagine it. That is the opportunity you have right here in front of you.

Don’t waste all of the hard-earned strength and endurance you have built up over the last few months. Use it to your advantage.

What Training Should You Do Right Now?

Now is the ideal time to go back to working on your base fitness, strength and endurance. We call this training phase, Base Training.

You should stop any really hard training sessions and focus instead on running aerobically (slowly) to help you build more volume and gain more endurance.

You should also direct more of your time to performing a body maintenance routine including stretching, rolling and strength and stability training.

The combination of running aerobically and focussing on body maintenance will get you in the best possible condition to safely shift back into a race training plan closer to race day.

This article on Heart Rate Training will help you to understand the benefits of running aerobically –

This article explains exactly what you need to do in a base training block –

The key to good race results is consistency. Getting back into consistent training now will help set you up for the race of your life in December.

12 Week Race Specific Training Plan Available For Purchase. Starts 14th September 2020. Read more HERE.